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Are any of these your challenges?

Portfolio triage and segmentation

Challenges to standing

GSE investor SLA's and scorecards

Acquisition and transfer issues

Poor lines of communication

Title resolution

Regulatory compliance

Our Services

NBS provides regional trustee and national administrative and operational support. Our clients include law firms, non-bank mortgage servicers and major financial institutions. Through our best-in-class case management system, we can closely monitor all file level developments, facilitate information and directives to legal counsel, and provide detailed, current information on the status of an individual matter or an entire portfolio.

NBS has the knowledge and technology to provide the direct and ancillary services required for compliant foreclosure processing:


  • Non-Judicial and Trustee processing

  • SCRA Military Searches

  • Bankruptcy Notification

  • Deceased Notification

  • Foreclosure Department Outsourcing

  • Default Vendor and Attorney Network Management

  • Affidavits & Declarations

  • Confirmation of Standing

  • Statute of Limitations Review

  • Notary Compliance

  • Borrower Communication and Correspondence

  • Responsive Consulting for Legislative and Statutory Changes

  • Risk Management Evaluation and Advice

  • Management and Staffing Support for Client Projects

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