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We offer a comprehensive suite of customizable solutions for mortgage servicers, captive auto finance companies, banks, credit unions, investors, and financial services organizations. By using our national reach  and technologically advanced bankruptcy case management systems, you can consolidate all the various processes associated with bankruptcy servicing to a single strategic services provider on a fully outsourced basis, or on a “component” basis, in which discrete elements of the process are outsourced. We offer the following solutions listed below:

Financial Report


You have better things to do than managing and administering risky and complex bankruptcy processes. Your resources can be better allocated into critical areas other than bankruptcy. Fortunately for you, NBS doesn’t. This is what we do!

Because your hard-earned reputation is at stake here, you can’t afford to experiment with inexperienced staff and outdated technology. When the risks are high and so are the potential costs, putting the right people, processes and technology (i.e., NBS) in place from the very beginning is the only way to keep both in check. We can help ensure the successful and compliant outcome you (and industry regulators) are looking for.


For over 25 years, NBS had helped many of the largest captive automobile clients, banks, credit unions, and consumer finance loan servicers maximize their recoveries and payment velocity, as well as reduce litigation expense, loan servicing expense, and delinquency on accounts in bankruptcy secured by automobiles, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, farm equipment, personal property, demand deposits, as well as unsecured loans and credit cards.

Signing a Contract


NBS remediation project audits have satisfied Consent Orders from the Office of Comptroller of Currency as well as the United States Trustee’s Executive Office for our clients. Our audit format and process overview has been provided to the Mortgage Committee of the U.S. Trustee’s Office in Washington D.C. for our clients, as well as provided presentations to members of the OCC Oversight Board.


NBS helps our clients manage costs and maintain strict compliance in an ever-shifting, complex foreclosure, regulatory, and operational environment. Through our best-in-class administrative management processes and strict compliance practices, we have become one of the leading full-service default and administrative foreclosure processing services companies in the country.

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