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Are any of these your challenges?

Misapplication of payments

Co-mingling of

pre-petition and post-petition payments

Proper boarding

of service transfers from active or discharged bankruptcy

Incorrect or

unfiled payment change notices

Incorrect or

unfiled post-petition fees and costs

Inaccurate or inconsistent CFPB monthly statements

Inaccurate delinquency reporting

Our Services

NBS audit services have been used by 6 of the top 9 largest banks, and 3 of the top 5 largest mortgage servicers in the U.S.


NBS remediation project audits have satisfied Consent Orders from the Office of Comptroller of Currency as well as the United States Trustee's Executive Office for our clients. Our audit format and process overview has been provided to the Mortgage Committee of the United States Trustee's Office in Washington, D.C. for our clients and we have provided presentations to the members of the OCC Oversight Board.   


Audit services have been provided to major banks, servicers, credit unions, and finance companies to correct systemic servicing issues, include the following items: 

  • Assessment of current state of Bankruptcy case

  • Analyze payments per case requirements

  • Court ready post-petition payment histories for use in support of litigation

  • Proof Of Claim and system validation

  • Confirmation of timely and accurate filing of Payment Change Notices 

  • Confirmation of timely and accurate filing of Post-Petition Fee Notices 

  • Acquisition Audit to identify prior service inaccuracies and validate boarding accuracy

  • Confirmation of monthly statement data elements through creative solutions around system of record limitations 

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