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Brad Cloud

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Cloud is the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Cloud has been in the financial services industry since 1990. After moving to Dallas at that time, he became the company’s first consumer client while at Bank Texas in 1992. He joined NBS in January 2006 after six years with CitiFinancial. Throughout his career in banking, he has held leadership roles in sales and marketing, originations, servicing and default management.


Mr. Cloud is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University.


Chris Olson

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Olson is the Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Olson joined NBS in December 2013 after 12 years with National Product Services, a national retail service provider. Previously, he held roles in finance and mergers & acquisitions for Blockbuster and Pizza Hut. Mr. Olson has held leadership roles in the business process outsourcing industry since 2001. Mr. Olson holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics and a Masters of Business Administration, both from Texas Tech University.


Jeff Dowdle

Director of Technology

Jeff Dowdle is the Director of Technology. Mr. Dowdle joined NBS in April 2007 as Vice President of Consumer Operations. He transitioned to lead the technology organization in 2012. Throughout his career he has held leadership roles in IT, Lending, and Servicing in the credit and business process outsourcing industries. Mr. Dowdle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Texas Christian University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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