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Are any of these your challenges?

Growing costs

for servicing bankruptcy 

System limitations for bankruptcy payment application

Timely processing of payment change notices

Scaling bankruptcy volume and operations

Acquisition/transfer issues and challenges

Inaccurate or inconsistent CFPB monthly statements

Inaccurate proof of claim or motion for relief figures

Our Services

We protect the interests of creditors with bankruptcy solutions that maximize recoveries, reduce loan servicing expenses, and guarantee compliance. Our services include:

  • Proprietary Bankruptcy Rules Engine database of jurisdictional requirements powered by on-going monthly attorney research of all 94 jurisdictions across the country.  

  • Over 400 employees, bankruptcy expert attorneys, and operations staff all located in the U.S.  

  • Reaffirmation Agreement Attainment

  • Proof Of Claim Preparation and Filing

  • Bankruptcy Plan Review

  • Loan Audits & Payment Reconciliations

  • Ledger Preparation

  • Payment Change Notification

  • Post-Petition Fee Notice 

  • Payment Application Advice

  • Discharge Audits

  • Portfolio Acquisition Audits

  • Solicitation of Proof of Insurance

  • National Litigation Management Services Including Motions, Objections, Adversary Proceedings

  • Bankruptcy Notification

  • SCRA Military Searches

  • Docket Event Monitoring

  • Dismissal Audit

  • Final Cure Audit

  • Pencil Ledger Audit

  • Compliance Audit

  • Financial Audit 

  • Transfer Of Claim Filing

  • Amended Proofs Of Claim

  • Amended Plan Review

  • Bankruptcy Mail Processing

  • Bankruptcy Payment Processing

  • Notice Of Address Change

  • Bi-Directional Electronic Access For Bankruptcy Data

  • 24X7 Client Reporting & Complete Transparency For All Bankruptcy Data 

  • Bankruptcy Call Center Services

  • Delivering a Standard Electronic Case Closing Package to the Client

  • Negotiation of Inadequate Plan Provisions

  • Monitoring the Payments Received for Compliance with the Plan Until Closing

  • Negotiations with Trustee's Office for Prompt Correction of Records or File for Dismissal

  • Special Monitoring of All Loans with Stay Modification Orders in Place

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